The Mission.. 

SnackPact is a branch of our mission; a pact to care. 

We specialize in making unique (and awesome) care packages, which are available as one time (single) purchases; or through our subscription services. When you subscribe you simply select your terms of length and how often, and the size of your package (our subscriptions are based off our single packages). Every renewal you will receive a new and unique package. 

Making the Pact to Snack. This service is made for those that love to snack, whether you have the munchies or are just a snack lover this is the perfect package. 

We are also available as gifts, now imagine receiving one of our snackpacts on a random day, it would make that random day feel like christmas. So definitely consider us next time you want to show someone how much you love them; or brighten there day. 

How We Give Back..

Because of the absolutely incredible success and publicity we have been receiving, we have been figuring ways to give back. Especially since there have been so many tragic events around the world. 

Our first effort was donating over 100 SnackPacts to centers during the hurricane harvey attack, with directions for them to be distributed amongst the children who have been there, most likely without any awesome snacks of the sort. 

We are looking to work with many children hospitals, in-need schools, and other organizations that will help us reach out to children that could most definitely use a snack pact. 

if you have any suggestions on this, please reach out.

Contact Details

Phone Number:  951-332-2800 (Weekdays 10-6 Pacific)


By Mail: 

8300 Limonite Ave Suite D

Riverside CA  92509

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